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2.0 Event Data Import Process

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  • 2.0 Event Data Import Process

    We are attempting to upload classes and events into the 2.0 event management package in salesforce.
    Are there specific steps to follow when uploading the 2.0 event objects? Can you provide me with a list of the objects?
    We were able to upload the Classes/Events but are receiving an error when editing the Basic Information of the event.
    The error is:
    List has no rows for assignment to SObject
    An unexpected error has occurred. Your solution provider has been notified. (CnP_PaaS_EVT)

    Please let me know if we are not following the correct process.


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    Good day @CFischer;

    The event objects and their respective relationship is quite complex. It is not just a matter of uploading the events, etc. - all these objects are related to each other, e.g. Event > Level > Attendees > Tickets, etc.

    It is hard to come up with a model that can provide batch upload of all the information into the Event 2.0 objects.

    We are not sure where to start!
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      We are struggling with importing Event data into C&P Events 2.0.
      We are using the data loader to import Registration Levels and Discount Plan data but when we import our files, they all end up under C&P 1.0 Event.

      For example, when we upload registration levels for an event, in order for us to see the Registration level and discount plan information in 2.0 we have to click on Active Event--Additional Information—Select Registration Level-- Edit, enter a “Name on Report”. This field is not part of the api so we can’t upload it using the data loader.
      Also when we import discount plans, when we look at the data in 2.0, you have to go click on Discount Plan—Edit, then Enter an “Event Name” and Select the “registration level” Shouldn’t those fields be available for import?
      Why do we have to enter additional required fields if they are not available in the registration level or discount object.
      This has been very time consuming and I was wondering how we can efficiently import data into 2.0.


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        Hi CFischer,

        Let me know if the following helps with what you are trying to do:

        Function Object Description
        C&P Event Event__c Event general information
        C&P Event Registration Level Registration_level__c Level price details
        C&P Event Contact Field Contact_information_fields__c Map registration form fields to contact object fields
        C&P Event Custom Field Custom_fields__c Define custom questions for event registration
        C&P Event Attendee Custom Information Attendee_custom_information__c Attendee Custom question answers
        C&P Event Discount Plan Discount_plan__c Discount plans for registration levels
        C&P Event Registrant Event_registrant_session__c Payee details
        C&P Event Registered Attendee Event_attendee_session__c Attendee details
        additional info:

        1. Event object contain all basic, general information about event.
        2. Registration level is directly related to Event.
          • Foreign Key: Event_name__c .

        3. C&P Event Contact Field object is directly related with Events as well as Registration levels.
          • Foreign Keys in C&P Event Contact Field: object is Event_name__c , Registration_level__c.

        4. C&P Event Custom Field object is directly related to Events as well as Registration levels
          • Foreign Keys in C&P Event Custom Field: Event__c, Registration_level__c.

        5. C&P Event Discount Plan is directly in relationship with Registration Levels.
          • Foreign key: Registration_level__c

        6. C&P Event Registrant is related to Event object.
          • Foreign key: EventId__c

        7. C&P Event Registered Attendee is directly related to Events as well as Registration levels.
          • Foreign keys: EventId__c, Registration_level__c.

        Please let us know if the above helps.
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