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Internet Explorer 9, Mobile phones, and Tablets do not work in Events 2.0

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  • Internet Explorer 9, Mobile phones, and Tablets do not work in Events 2.0

    Any update any on these issues? Thanks

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    Good day!

    We were under the impression that this issue was answered and the case was closed. Here is the status of supported browsers as of today - January 16, 2014:

    Desktop browsers:
    • IE: 10, 11
      • IE 9 is currently not supported and we are working on a release to resolve issues resulting with IE 9.

    • Chrome: 30, 31, 32, and 33.0.1750.29 beta-m (33 was released today and our test team has already finished testing its compatibility)
    • Firefox: 25, 26, 27
    • Opera: 16, 17, 18
    • Safari On Mac & PC: 4, 5

    On Mobile platforms: Currently the minimum width of the registration form is fixed and as such the form cannot be minimized beyond a certain point. The registration form has many components and the grid does not allow compression beyond a certain point considering the registrant's name, number of tickets, all are stored in a cascading grid. The registration form works correctly in 10.1" tablets, e.g. Samsung Galaxy, and Nexus 7 in landscape mode.

    We are working hard to make the forms compatible with all browsers. Our primary target initially was the desktop browsers and mobile support will come soon as we test on all the manufacturers and browsers. Unfortunately the number of devices and browsers and form factors of each has exponentially increased in the recent years and if one wants to test with every single scenario the products will never be released. We are doing our best to release the updates supporting mobile forms. We will be having weekly releases in our beta forum with support of different browsers as they are available.

    Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
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