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Event Listing Page - Width and Height

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  • Event Listing Page - Width and Height

    Is it possible to increase the width and height of the event listing page? This is the code I input to my website: <iframe src=" GA3"></iframe> and on my website it shows up as a 1/4-page width and very short box with both horizontal and vertical scroll bars. I would like to get rid of the scroll bars and have the box fit the available width and be however tall it needs to be to contain all of my event listings.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Good day!

    The release 1.x is in its last days of existence.. (so dramatic!)

    Release 2.x is responsive and will do as you want. It will be 100% and based on the container (div tag) that it is placed in. So wait till next week.
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      I can do that. Thanks!