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Events with Designer Receipts and Autoresponder

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  • Events with Designer Receipts and Autoresponder

    I am trying to use customized receipts for the first time. I have created a receipt template using C&P Designer.
    I have created a test event with some zero cost registration levels.
    I have tried to set up autoresponder defaults and autoresponder so that my general receipt will go out for everything.
    I have never gotten a receipt out of the system and nothing in autoresponder queue or autoresponder log.

    I would like to get this working, but along the way I also realized there are some areas where I can imagine multiple answers so would like to get those clarified as well.

    1) If, on the event, send receipt is checked AND I have a working autoresponder receipt, should I expect to get two receipts sent? One from C&P and one from autoresponder? (I have been assuming yes, and if I uncheck the box, then only the autoresponder receipt will go out.)
    2) If a participant comes in as a temporary contact, will they get their receipt before I process the temporary contact, or only after?
    3) On my autoresponder, I have clicked (along with credit cards) custom payment. I have tried to make the name field for custom payment blank and also made it the string that matches "custom payment name" for my event. Neither gave me a receipt. Is there a way to get custom payment to match any custom payment name?
    4) I have deleted all the conditions in autoresponder (wid, sku, campaign, payment amount, custom questions) and thought that should make the receipt always go out. I am not seeing any receipt. Where should I look to debug things from here?