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Registered Attendee report with contact alias, registration level & custom data?

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  • Registered Attendee report with contact alias, registration level & custom data?


    I can not figure out how to generate the report that I need for our upcoming event. We have set up a registration form for a fundraising race (we will also be doing manual registrations). The night before the race, we need to be able to export a report of everyone who has pre-registered for the race. We need the following information in the report - I have listed the data below:

    1. Registered Attendee Name, Registration Status, Registration Level and Registration Creation Date (all in the Registered Attendee object, I believe)
    2. Registered Attendee Phone number and email address (this, I believe, is stored in the contact alias created when the individual registered)
    3. Age and Gender (both of which are custom questions added on the registration form)

    I have been testing out different methods and have not been able to find a way to produce a report that draws in the contact alias data, AND the registered attendee data AND the event custom question data all in one place. So I must be doing something wrong. Can you point me in the right direction?



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    Good day Louise:

    We have tried to create the report you are looking for using Salesforce standard report but it appears that it can't be done. Salesforce does not let you create report with unrelated fields as I discuss below:
    • Contact is a lookup field in the Alias record
    • Contact is a lookup field in the Attendee record
    • Alias is NOT a lookup field in the Attendee record.

    One can create the report you need using a Visual Force page but not through the standard Salesforce report. Please also note that there is no way of knowing which alias has been created through the event registration. If a contact has several Alias' then a report of Contact > Alias > Registration will create multiple lines (1 for each alias) for a single registration.

    I hope that helps with finding a solution.

    Our biggest challenge is satisfying all clients with their needs when it comes to Contact information. We have clients that want to update their record with each payment and the majority that simply wishes for the main contact record not to be touched. We added this as an option during the development but ran into query limits with Salesforce. Salesforce has a large number of constraints against queries, name spaces, etc. and with all that needs to happen when a person registers creating a balance is quite difficult. I hope you appreciate the challenge.

    Let me know if we can be of any further assistance.
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      OK, thanks for at least helping me feel like I wasn't missing something. I do have a follow-up question though: so it seems like the key to getting the report I want (one that has the contact name, the registration level, and the answers to the custom questions) is to make sure that every temporary contact gets mapped to a real contact record (once that's done, I can see the contact name on the Event reports). My question is: is there some easy process to convert a temporary contact to a real contact record when the contact doesn't yet exist in my database? I just tried to do this and the street address is embedded in rather unfriendly XML code. Is there some button I can push to say 'turn this temporary contact into a real contact'?

      -Thanks again for your help!


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        Never mind - I just figured it out - it's all under the registration level tab - the 'manage temporary contacts for this level' button. I do not remember seeing any of this detailed in the documentation. If it's there, a link to it would be helpful for the people I am trying to train on this...Thanks!