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Associate event registrants with account - workaround?

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  • Associate event registrants with account - workaround?


    While participating in the event management webinar a few weeks ago, I asked the instructor if it was possible to map event registrants to an existing organization (account) in Salesforce. Almost everyone who registers for one of our training events is part of a nonprofit organization. We enter all of these organizations into SF, and it's a very important method for us to group our customers. When someone registers for an event, the first piece of information we want to know (after their name) is what organization they are registering with.

    I would like to know what the best work-around solution to this may be, short of manually entering every person. If my question is not clear, I would be happy to elaborate.


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    Good day @wsmith,

    I have brainstormed about your need with our team but we can't think of a direct way to do what you wish to do. The only solution is to add a custom question and request the information and manually update the record.

    Sorry we can't directly help with this. Matching account is a bit tricky and requires the same logic we have for contact matching.
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