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Event Registration not working in safari

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  • Event Registration not working in safari

    We have an event registration page and it working well, except for those trying to register in safari. When they click the register now button on the first page the page reloads, it does not click through to page 2.

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    Good day!

    We have been able to duplicate this issue with the latest Safari on Mac. Safari on PC works fine and the older versions of Safari on Mac also work.

    On Mac Chrome and Firefox work without any issues but it seems like latest Safari on Mac is having an issue. We are investigating the issue and will have a patch once we can figure out what is going on.

    Please ask users to use Chrome or Firefox on Mac.

    I frankly wish Apple and Microsoft stop making browsers. In their fight for domination they have created so much proprietary implementations that if left to them will make the entire Internet un-reachable. Of course since they will not stop it is up to us to keep adding browser specific code for these 2 so our sites work.
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      We recently just closed registration for our conference, but we had many complaints about this as well.

      I just wanted to see if you were any closer to this being resolved in the next update.