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  • Payment issue

    Hi, we have a guest that has the following problem:

    "the macbook with safari 5.1.7 version and the link still does not allow me to purchase tickets"

    Can someone from support follow up? Thanks!

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    Good day!

    The Salesforce external pages are tested with all browsers without any issues.

    Has the client tried another browser? e.g. Firefox, Chrome
    What does "not allow" mean? Is the person getting an error? is the button for payment not working? Are they processing & not getting the confirmation page?

    In the absence of details it is impossible to figure out what is going on with your instance.

    Have you submitted a support ticket with detailed information about the client and how we can contact them?

    Anytime I come across a site and have problem with a browser I switch to another browser to see if the issue is with the browser. For example my bank's site does not work with any browser but IE and I only use IE when I use my online banking site. With so many browsers and so many versions of each browser running so many extensions, etc. it is almost impossible to diagnose a system.
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