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GW Auctions and pre-swiping

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  • GW Auctions and pre-swiping

    We're still trying to get a smooth run in our "TEST" auction, and have hit another snag.

    There is an option in GW AUctions to save a credit card at Check-In; however, at Check-Out, we're not sure how we're supposed to proceed from there.

    1. The guest checks in, and a volunteer at the Guest Services desk saves their card at check-in
    2. The guest receives a receipt by email indicating a "purchase item" of Auction Validation and a charge of $0.00
    3. The guest makes a purchase
    4. If the volunteer pulls up the guest at Check Out, the purchases are displayed, but the credit card information is not pre-populated.

    What is supposed to happen here?
    How are we supposed to pull up the saved card to process the purchases? When is this supposed to happen?

    Our auction is THIS WEEKEND, and stress level is high- are we going to have to dump the pre-swipe option that we've used in past years to simplify the Check-Out process?

    gratefully, Amanda

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    Good day!

    We have been analyzing errors that are being generated from your tests.

    Please fix the application name for eVT: Black Tie & Tails Ball 2013

    In release 7.0 we are blocking the "&" sign from the application name. The app is generating error because of the "&" sign.

    You were in the queue for contacting regarding this issue.

    Please remove the & and test it again.
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      OH THANK YOU! We have volunteers coming in today for training, and we thought we would have to cancel pre-swiping entirely!

      Once I corrected the name, another option showed on the check out screen for "Reference Prior Transaction". This option was not available before.
      From here we could select the card on file and run the transaction.

      Much relieved. Amanda


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        Glad to hear it is working.

        Our developers were getting warnings regarding your transactions and figured out what is going on. In release 7.0 (due out by Feb. 22) we will be blocking "&" signs from the eVT fields.

        Keep us updated of your progress and if we can be of more help.
        Click & Pledge Support Department

        Join us @ the educational webinars:
        Live Support- read more: