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    I am using a modified version of the NPSP package - each contact is related to an "organization" which almost always is a HOUSEHOLD; I am NOT using the separate HOUSEHOLD object. So Joe Blow and Mary Blow are both in The Blow Organization/Household. If they use the C&P advanced page to make, say, two donations of $50 (membership level of bronze, say), how does that map to the Opportunities? Doing it by hand, I create one donation from Joe, and one from Mary, and deposit a single check. This rolls up into the account/household total donations in SF. How do I emulate that in C&P, or does the total donation map to an account/household donation? Does making one of them the primary mean the donation would map to that one? Am I making sense?

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    Good day!

    If an Account > Contact is already in the system, C&P module will NOT change the Account and will associate the transaction with the Contact found based on the C&P Settings (Fully automatic, Semi-automatic, or Manual).

    So if:

    First name: Joe
    Last name: Blow
    Email: [email protected]

    make a donation the transaction will be associated with HIS contact and not Mary Blow ([email protected])

    Of course the ACCOUNT id will be associated with the Opportunity created and will show up in the Account as a related Opportunity.

    We are working on SOFT CREDITS for version 8.0 and that will also help with what you are trying to do.

    Hope that makes sense.
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      I can't believe how quickly you got back to me with help. THANKS SO MUCH!!