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plan for modifying or cancelling a recurring payment

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  • CnP.Support

    Please refer to:

    Recurring transactions may only be cancelled through the Click & Pledge Portal. We will be adding the recurring cancellation to Salesforce in the future releases but it is not there currently.

    To change a recurring, the best method is to cancel it and then start it again using the Virtual Terminal in Salesforce using the reference transaction if the same card is to be used.

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  • plan for modifying or cancelling a recurring payment

    I cannot find any documentation for managing an existing recurring payment.

    If someone wants to cancel their recurring payment- do I just delete the record in C&P Recurrings?

    What if someone is in a financial bind, and needs to reduce their payment, or (even better) increase it?- do I have to delete and recreate a recurring transaction?

    Is this all managed from the Salesforce side- or am I supposed to be managing this from the C&P site?

    ~ Amanda