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Opportunities with WID and Campaigns with SKU and just getting started

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  • CnP.Support
    Good day Amanda,

    Please submit a support ticket with your phone number so we can call you. I think it is best if we chat and see the big picture so we can come up with an optimum solution.

    Since you posted this question to the API forum you are developing a native form and knowing the big picture will be better.. so many different ways you can accomplish your intention and discussing it will be much easier than going back on forth in the forum. It will be great if you can post to this thread your final decision and outcome possibly with a link for everyone to see.

    Looking forward to getting your phone number. We will call you shortly.

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  • Opportunities with WID and Campaigns with SKU and just getting started

    In the manual at under Record Types, it suggests that I will be matching Contact Record Types or Opportunity Record Types for incoming donations based on WID and matching Campaigns by SKU.

    But on the Salesforce C&P PaaS Settings Record Type tab, I only have options to set Contact Record Type by WID, and set up rules for matching Opportunities by SKU. In other places I see instructions on setting this information by the URL (maybe in reference to setting up a store?).

    I need to be able to create web pages integrated in my website (in a div tag) that will set Opportunity Record Type and preferably some additional field values for the Opportunity record (hidden values specific to a C&P page would be nice), I also need to be able to assign the Campaign on that Opportunity. I can't tell if I'm supposed to use iframe and insert the embed code from an easypage, or if I'm supposed to set up some type of embedded virtual terminal.

    I'm really confused- can someone offer some clarity for passing Opportunity and Campaign values to the Salesforce Opportunity and perhaps point me in the direction of some decent reference material for integrating the payment process into my website in a way that will accomodate passing those values to Salesforce?

    gratefully, Amanda