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Comma after street in SF

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  • Comma after street in SF

    When someone enters an address in the C&P standard checkout page, when it creates a contact in SF, it puts a comma at the end of the street address. Is C&P going to fix this glitch?

    Also, the C&P form has Address 1 and Address 2. How does this translate into SF street address if someone fills in something in Address 2? I know when importing addresses, all the street information, even if appearing on a second line, has to be in one field.

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    We append address 2 to the end of address 1.

    I will check the system for the comma at the end of address 1 - it may be that since address 2 is missing we are keeping the comma. A release is scheduled for December 15 - release 6.0 which will fix this if it is what I think it is.
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