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Create copy of letter in Designer

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  • Create copy of letter in Designer

    I created a thank you letter in Designer to go out when someone donates. I'd like to use the same e-mail format since I already did the work of changing all the links to Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    How do I copy an e-mail I already created in Designer? I don't see that option. If I edit it, it only gives me the option to Save, not Save As. And in the list of letters, I only see a New button.

    Please tell me how I can create a new letter from a letter I've already created.

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    In this release we don't have a copy feature but creating a copy is easy. Please follow the steps below:
    1. Edit an existing email
    2. Click on Source icon
    3. Copy the source code
    4. Create a new responder
    5. Click on source code and remove the existing code and copy the one you copied in step 2

    Adding a copy feature is a good idea and I add it to the list of features for possible inclusion in version 7 due out in February.
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