Hi, we have a donations form that is using PaaS and trying to get all of the fields into Salesforce correctly. After a lot of research and testing it is appearing that C&P only passes the basic billing info on to Salesforce by default, correct (i.e., name, email, phone, billing address, donation amount, and some payment info)?!?

- So do we need to setup 'custom questions' to pass along all other fields from our form (e.g., salutation, company, middle name, main non-billing address, work phone, tribute gift information, etc.)??

- If so, will all of this extra info show up by default on the bottom of the email receipt that is sent to the client from our Advanced Checkout Page?
For example:
Title = Mr.
Middle Name = Alexander
Company = Trump Industries

- And then do we need to map these 'custom questions' to the proper Contact fields using Salesforce 'workflows'??

Just trying to fully understand the process here to get a slightly more complete donation form integrated nicely with Salesforce so the Contact Records show all of the proper information in the proper places. But seeing all of the extraneous information (beyond the default fields) listed on the receipt is not the most elegant solution, especially when listed out of context.