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Donation confusion in Salesforce

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  • Donation confusion in Salesforce

    We have an advanced checkout page set up with our account to gather donations for a campaign. We have had three donations submitted using the checkout page.

    In Salesforce, the three contacts that made the donations are listed under the C&P Transactions tab correctly, and they have been added to the campaign. However, all of the donations have been posted to a contact that had not made any donations through the checkout page.

    Any suggestions?

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    Good day Michael,

    What you are describing is not really possible.. but of course you are seeing it so we have to investigate your account.

    Please email [email protected] and set up a temporary user for [email protected] - we will login and review your account.

    Also let us know what version you have installed and what other apps are installed.

    Once we have the information we will login and review your account.
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