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Importing Non-Click & Pledge Transactions into Salesforce

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  • Importing Non-Click & Pledge Transactions into Salesforce

    I am using the Salesforce Data Loader to load historic non-Click & Pledge transactions into Salesforce. I have been able to upload transactions, but it not automatically creating new contacts and opportunities. Do I need to upload to C&P Data instead of C&P Transactions in order for C&P to create the contacts and opportunities? If so, what is the CSV format to use? Is there a better way to load historic transactions into C&P? I have donor data back to 2006 that we would like to upload. This would really help us with donor management and trending our donor gifts. Thanks for any assistance in advance.

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    Good day!

    The triggers that create the Contact / Account are watching the C&P Data (XML posts) posted from our API platform. Importing data directly into the Transaction object will not create accounts.

    At this time there is no direct method to do this. We are currently working on an importer that will help with this but it will be in the next update after our September 2012- 5.0 release.
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