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PayPal fees are higher on some transactions

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  • PayPal fees are higher on some transactions

    I just noticed that PayPal charged us more than 3% on two transactions. Order numbers 51403-230820170312309PayPal and 51403-230826210744538PayPal.

    One thing both transactions have in common is that the donors used an inline form that we placed on our website using the Click & Pledge WordPress Plugin. No other donors have used that form with PayPal so far.

    I've granted a week's access to org ID 00D41000001NzM1.

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    Good day @Sharon

    Please submit the support ticket here so that our accounts team members can see what's going on. All bank related questions are handled through a Support Ticket. Please include the order numbers of the transactions you are referring to.​​
    Click & Pledge Support Department

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      Done. Thank you.


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        PayPal fees are between the account holder & PayPal. We have no say or choice in it.

        All payments are posted as donation so as far as we are concerned, what we post is the same for all transactions.

        Perhaps the fee for different cards are different. For example most providers charge more for AmEx.

        Have you contacted PayPal? Please note we simply post a transaction to PayPal - we have no say in what they charge.
        Click & Pledge Support Department

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