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Do changes to Custom Questions structure affect C&P XML data in Salesforce?

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  • Do changes to Custom Questions structure affect C&P XML data in Salesforce?


    I just noticed that the release notes for 4.23 says "Custom Questions & Contact record are now related and may be used as a RELATED LIST."

    IAVA currently has custom code in Salesforce that pulls the Custom Questions from the C&P Data record's XML and uses the code to populate other fields on the Opportunity record. Below is a sample excerpt from the XML of a recent donation. The corresponding fields in Salesforce are then updated on the Contact and Opportunity objects.

    So the question is, does the 4.23 update affect how the Custom Questions are posted to the XML of the C&P Data records? If so it will obviously disable the custom solution we have built, so we need to hold off on installing it until we figure out how to address that.




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    The Custom Questions now have another field that simply lets us show them as a related list to the Transactions. Before we were showing them in the Transaction page as a Visual Force page using a custom view. By adding the Transaction to the Custom Question object we now simply show it as a related list.

    Nothing has changed that may brake your code - we have simply added an additional field to that object.
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      Thanks for the response.