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XML for the full fees from transactions

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  • XML for the full fees from transactions

    Hi all,

    I've looked through the XML that comes into Salesforce from Click and Pledge (into the C&P Data object I believe it is) and can't find the full set of transaction-specific fees that make up the difference between the final charge to a donor's credit card and what is deposited. Thus far I've only seen one small charge on the individual donations, and that does not match the full charges. Note I realize the daily deposit charge would be very hard to calculate so I'm not specifically looking for that. The full charges (minus the daily fee) would be helpful to have for reconciliation. Note that this is specifically for WaterGrass where we do our own parsing of XML and creating of opportunity records. I'd like to be able to indicate the full transaction costs in each donation. Can you point me to where that data exists in the XML?

    Thank you!

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    Good day @Carl Paulsen

    We understand your need but this information posted to us by gateway in batch and it is not in real time. This is in a queue from gateway to provide more capability so that we can include in the future update. For now, the information posted in Daily Deposit Report in batch.
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