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  • Credit card fees

    When a donor agrees to pay the credit card fee, is it possible to have it combined with the gift so they come over as one donation in salesforce instead of two?

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    Good day @[email protected]

    Please note that the "Additional Fee" coming in Salesforce is not an optional opportunity but a separate line item resulting in a separate opportunity by design. Given it has its own SKU it allows you to map to any of your Campaigns in Salesforce.

    However, if you want a single opportunity then you need to enable Opportunity Product (which is not recommended) When Opportunity > Product is enabled a change occurs in the way we handle posted items.

    When you use Opportunity alone, each item in the basket will become each own opportunity. When you use Opportunity > Product a single opportunity will be created and all items become Products under that single opportunity.

    In v10 which is hopefully due out in Q1 of next year, we have combined the opportunity/product creation. Based on the conditions you can create the Opportunity or Opportunity Products.

    Hope that helps. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.​
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      can you tell me why it's not recommended to enable opportunity product?


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        [email protected]

        There is a couple of answers to this question but I suggest we visit the issue from a more fundamental level.

        While we have added the feature for combining opportunities, in release 10, we also have added it since clients have asked for it, not that we agree with it. Let me explain.

        Opportunities are considered Accounting units - in other words, line items in accounting software. If one is to account for each item as an account, in charts of accounts, a donation may be set as a different item in the charts of accounts than the fee. This is why we allow for different SKU's to be set for donation and for Fee. You may easily also move the fee to a different campaign. The flexibility this offers plays well with what organizations may want to do, at least those that have a very granular accounting. So you may want to consider this line of thought - just in case. For example - if you set the SKU for FEE to add the opportunity to a different campaign you may easily find out how much fee you have collected by looking at the campaign total. If combined you will lose that data and as such will lose the information. No Data .. no Information.

        As for Opportunity/ Products - in Salesforce this is a action that once set up will move all opportunities to opportunity products. The idea may appear to be doing what you wish to do but it is an all or nothing action in Salesforce. Once you set this up then all items require price book, etc. It is not a simple consideration in Salesforce. We can handle it and many organizations do this but they are the ones that use Opportunity / Product feature of Salesforce. Again this is all-or-nothing. Make sure you follow the consequence of the feature.

        Again - please consider taking advantage of the full capability of 2 opportunities. It offers you a lot more than a single combined opportunity.
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