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  • C&P Workflow Rule

    I noticed that Click & Pledge has an active workflow rule called "Error Record" in my org. It is listed as active, though the description says that it is "Deprecated"

    It seems to send an email alert (Click & Pledge Error Report Alert 9.7009) when there has been an error posting data to our instance. I have received emails that look like the email template in the past (though I am not sure if it is coming from this workflow rule or not). The email template is Click & Pledge Error Template 9.7009.

    As you probably know, workflow rules are being phased out in Salesforce (at least updating them and creating new ones at this point). So, if this workflow rule isn't actually doing anything, I'd like to deactivate it.

    But, I want to make sure I continue to receive error emails if the data doesn't post to Salesforce (which occasionally happens). If this is not a deprecated workflow rule, do you have a plan to move it out of workflow rules at some point since that feature is being retired?

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    Good day @kwclick5

    Yes, you can deactivate that workflow. In the next release, we are going to remove that flow from the package.​
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      Okay, great! Thanks for confirming.