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Donation and Payment

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  • CnP.Support
    Good day!

    The feature you are requesting cannot be done the way you are describing but I think eVT will be able to help with this.

    Have you considered using eVT?

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  • Fawad
    started a topic Donation and Payment

    Donation and Payment


    We have two kinds of donations.
    1. Membership dues.
    2. General Funds.

    when enabled 'Create an Opportunity for each transaction' in C&P Settings.

    In case of General Funds, when a member pays Donations through credit card payment and donation is created which works fine for us. .but, On Membership dues we need to create donation invoices so that we know at month who has not paid the membership dues.
    when user makes credit card payment for member dues we want to record the payment only and not donation as invoice for donation already recorded. The payment creates an invoice which we do not want.

    is there any other way to restrict C&P to create only Payments and not donation for a particular case. It seems your system does not cater for membership dues, receivable and reporting thereon.

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