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Handling business gifts through C&P

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  • Handling business gifts through C&P

    Our custom system for handling transactions coming into Salesforce from C&P relies on finding a Contact and attaching the transactions to the Contact and that Contact's primary Account (whether that be a household or organization). But when a donor donates both on behalf of themselves AND their business, the system can only attach the gift to one or the other (the Contact's primary Account). I believe that's also how the C&P system works, and I know other donation processors with apps for Salesforce work the same way. We are starting to see many more cases where donors want to donate online on behalf of businesses, so this is becoming important.

    My question is, is there a way to handle cases where a donor is donating on behalf of themselves as well as a business? Failing that, is there a way to mark transactions as organizational and indicate from what business or organization the gift is coming? If we had a business name field we could probably program a solution to search for the business and if it is not found, create a new business Account for the gift. Obviously things could get messy, since we'd like to capture the individual donor for a soft credit. But I do believe we could program around that.