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  • Documentation for processes in Salesforce

    Is there documentation on what the work flow is in the C&P apps for when a donation comes in? I'm interested mostly in temporary contact creation and what is supposed to happen. Note we have programming than takes over Account/Contact matching and/or creation and donation processing so we generally turn off Opportunity and Account creation and we set Contact creation to either Semi-automatic or Manual. But in some cases we end up with an error "The referenced Contact was not found. Please check the C&P Temporary Contact tab for clearing the transaction.” I'm trying to understand what's going on here and if there is a way to suppress that error message since it is meaningless for us.

    Thank you!

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    Good day @Carl Paulsen
    1. When the data first hit Salesforce, it creates the C&P Data record. This object doesn't have a lot of fields, its main purpose is to store the raw data that came for the transaction. There's a long text field that includes the raw data as an XML text.
    2. Then writing the transaction into Salesforce objects begins, starting with assigning the transaction to a Contact record. If the Contact doesn't match immediately, a C&P Temporary Contact is created and waits to be matched. Once a Contact is assigned to the transaction, it moves on to the next step else it will remain in C&P Temporary Contacts to review and process from there.
    3. The C&P Transaction record is written, and the Opportunity is created according to C&P Settings > Opportunity and assigned to the Primary Account on the Contact record.
    4. If NPSP is installed, NPSP updates the Opportunity.
    5. C&P updates the Opportunity again, based on C&P Settings > Custom Mapping.
    Ideally, if there is an error in this "cascade" (whether it's an actual error or a fail-to-match), the process rolls back to the beginning and notes the error in the Message field of the C&P Data record. There are occasionally situations where the roll-back process doesn't work entirely, but it is rare. The 'cascade' happens right away- so approximately 30 seconds after the C&P Data record, if the Contact match failed, then the Message field is populated with 'The referenced contact was not found. Please check the C&P temporary contact tab for clearing the transaction".

    However, if you please grant us login access and share the order number of the transaction you are referring to we will gladly look into it.

    C&P Temporary Contacts KB article:
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      Thank you. This is very helpful indeed. I'll send you the transacction and grant login access in a bit.