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Salesforce Summer 22 Release

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  • Salesforce Summer 22 Release

    Do you anticipate any problems with the Salesforce Summer 22 release updates? Specifically Salesforce Platform API Versions 7.0 through 20.0 Retirement and Accurately Measure the CPU Time Consumption of Flows and Processes?

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    Good day @kwclick5

    Salesforce is yet to release the Salesforce Summer 22 release updates for Sandbox. Once it is available, we will test and update you in this post.


    C&P does not have a workflow or process builder to worry about the CPU time limit. In our application, we are checking the CPU time limit to execute the process of C&P Data.
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      I'm surprised that you don't have the release updates in your sandbox yet. They are in mine (and have been for at least several months). The Summer '22 preview sandboxes aren't ready yet, but the release updates can be enabled in an older sandbox org for testing.

      But, good to know that the Flow/Process Builder CPU time limit won't really apply to you. And I assume that you aren't using any outdated API versions either (that are being deprecated in this release).