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Referencing Prior Transaction in eVT

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  • Referencing Prior Transaction in eVT

    Is there a way to choose "Reference Prior Transaction" in eVT like you have in the standard VT? If not, I would like to recommend this as a feature for a future release.


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    Hi Dovid
    eVT is designed for public users to make a transaction and since it's just a payment form, how do you envision a user to be authenticated allowing them to choose their prior transactions?


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      Well, for instance, I am using it embedded on a an internal VF page to be used by our finance department only.


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        We just had an update to eVT with the following new parameters. The new release allows you to show Reference Transaction for internal transactions. No update is necessary to take advantage of this since it is updated on our servers and will work regardless of your version.

        The payment is now on version 4.32 so please update it.

        Parameter list:
        • ShowTotal= 1 (show total), 0 (Default: don't show total)
        • PreAuth = 1 (pre-authorize), 0 (Don't pre-authorize- send receipt): This option works only if the Total charge is 0.
        • SubTxt = Submit button text

        Internal Processing:
        To use eVT inside a Salesforce instance the Reference Transaction may also be added as a payment method. To include Reference Transaction the following 2 parameters need to be hard coded in the URL:
        • SessionId={!$Api.Session_ID}
        • ServerURL={!$Api.Partner_Server_URL_190}

        Example:{!$Api.Session_ID}&ServerURL={!$Api.Par tner_Server_URL_190}&SFOrgID=00DE0000000I7VDMA0&SF eVTID=a00E0000002VpazIAC&CnPAID=8522

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          great. thanks for the update.