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"Error" Transaction posting to Salesforce

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  • CnP.Support.AM
    Good day @jackdunn

    We reviewed and found that those order numbers are not posted due to the Old Release and Connection error.

    This is the DateTime we sent the notification back in 2021

    2021-05-04 15:50:05.080
    2021-05-20 21:49:50.690
    2021-06-08 13:15:39.617
    2021-06-15 18:56:38.910
    2021-06-17 10:00:53.070
    2021-07-25 14:38:12.523
    2021-07-28 11:15:19.527

    Since those are a year old records, we don't have logs to check to which email it was sent but for sure that we sent the notification email.

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  • jackdunn
    Hi there -- just checking in on this since it's been a minute since the thread has been updated?

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  • jackdunn
    Hi CnP.Support.AM , thanks for getting back to me.

    Yep, both myself ([email protected]) and the other C&P admin ([email protected]) have checked our inboxes, spam & junk folders for emails on several of those dates and times -- we've all got other emails from Click & Pledge (webinar sign-up invites, Connect login verifications, upgrade messages, other service notices) successfully and without issue, and C&P is in both our "address books" as an approved contact, but neither of us appear to have received *any* notifications about errors last year. Is there a specific subject line, or a different-from-usual "sender" email that those error emails would show as being from? I'm mystified as to why neither of us received the emails.

    And are you able to tell me any more about what prompted those 10 transactions to error-out synching in the first place, too?

    Thanks for your time,

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  • CnP.Support.AM
    Good day @jackdunn

    The error notification email will be sent to the emails listed in "Error Notification List" under 3rd Party Integrations >> Salesforce Connection:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	error notification.jpg
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Size:	77.9 KB
ID:	63343

    However, I see that your emails are listed under Notification List to receive the error emails. Would you please check your email for that particular date and time? Check spam/junk folders.

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  • jackdunn
    started a topic "Error" Transaction posting to Salesforce

    "Error" Transaction posting to Salesforce

    Hi there,
    In an audit of our C&P/Salesforce sync, we discovered 10 transactions from 2021 that had failed to post to Salesforce, and instead generated an "error" message in the Salesforce column.

    We keep up to date with C&P updates so I don't believe that is the culprit for us (as a previous poster had mentioned), and none of the donations had been flagged as fraud (although the majority of them did appear to have something other than "yes" in the "CVV Match" field -- Yes/No, Yes/M, or No/No -- which was the only thing all transactions had in common as far as I could tell). The transactions spanned a variety of days & times between May-October 2021, were varying amounts from $5-$400, and a mix of recurring/one-time gifts. I manually clicked "post to Salesforce" on each of the transactions and that resolved the issue, but I'd love to know what caused it, if there's a way to prevent it, and/or how to catch it faster in future so we're not missing donor data in our Salesforce.

    1 - Can you tell me why these 10 transactions errored out, instead of posting to Salesforce?

    2 - Is there any way for us to turn on email notifications to admins when transactions error out like this, rather than having to rely on manually checking Connect periodically? (I noticed it's not possible to create a transaction report on the "Salesforce" column, as it doesn't appear as a column/field at all in the report creation screen).

    Thanks so much.

    Here are the impacted transactions --










    Salesforce Org ID: 00Dd0000000i8lD
    Access granted