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response data in eVT

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  • response data in eVT

    When I process a cc using the eVT, it just says "Transaction Approved" or something like that.

    Is there any way to get back some data on the transaction to send to the parent frame like the transaction id, order #, guid?

    I need a way to connect a custom obj I have with the C&P Transaction when it comes in from the post back, but I don't really have a handle to do that.


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    Your requirement is why we have added the Application name, version number, and ID to the eVT setup.

    That info posts as part of the XML in the C&P Data and the idea is to let you do whatever you want by detecting your info at the top of the XML and then parsing the data to populate any field you want.

    Have you tested your requirement using the C&P Data XML?
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      no. Can you give some tips/instruction on how I would do that?

      also the app name, ver #, and id will be the same for all transactions from that eVT. So how will I know which one is the one I want?
      When is the C&P XML Data record created? Immediately or on the transaction post back? If on post back, how is that any more helpful than querying the transaction obj itself?


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        after processing is it possible to post back some back transaction data in the iframe like what happens with the standard VT? Or to designate a post processing page? If not, I suggest it as a feature for a future release.

        Anyway I am still not clear on how the XML data helps me to link the transaction post back data to my custom obj. I only have 1 eVT and all post backs will be from it. So if a number of payments are made, I need to be able to figure out how to link up each transaction with it's corresponding record in the custom obj.

        More documentation and examples would be helpful.