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C&P Autoresponder Not Arriving in Gmail

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  • C&P Autoresponder Not Arriving in Gmail

    We did a couple test donations today for a new donation form and we noticed that we didn't receive the autoresponder emails at Gmail. I can see in the contact record that an Autoresponder was sent because there is a C&P Autoresponder Log Details record.

    We've tried with two different gmail accounts and both didn't work. I did get the receipt to my organizational email address (where the C&P from email address is whitelisted as being safe), but it went to Junk.

    Are you aware of any problems with autoresponder emails not being delivered?

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    Good day @kwclick5

    We are not aware of any issues with autoresponder emails. Would you please share the order number so that we can review it?

    Looking forward to hearing back from you.
    Click & Pledge Support Department

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      This order number (60820-2201171835209621874) sent an autoresponder that wasn't received in Gmail and also this order number 60820-2201171816321731874. For the first order number, I also edited the XML on the C&P data record for Billing Email, so I could try sending it to another completely different gmail account (which also didn't receive it) and to my organizational email account (which did receive it).


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        I also just tested icloud and I didn't get the email receipt through Autoresponder. And we had another donor who didn't get their receipt at a email address. That order number was 60820-220118093139781.

        I'm worried that next to none of our donors are actually getting their email receipts. Is there a way you can see on your end if there were actually delivered or marked as junk or something? I know for our separate email marketing system it reports to us if the email client we sent to blocked the email for some reason.


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          Update: I was able to join Live Support earlier today and they directed me to this help article: We added the SPF record, but it doesn't seem to have made a difference. (Side note: you might want to update that article, if you copy the include statement it includes an unprintable space which breaks the SPF - we had to manually type it in).

          Then I found this forum post, so I'm forwarding it along to our support person to see if that will work:

          If I set the Reply-To and Mail-from to be from [email protected] that does seem to deliver the emails, so I've updated our autoresponders to use that in the interim, but hopefully we'll be able to get the reply-to set up to go to organizational address. If you have any other advice, please let me know!


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            For anyone who finds this post later, what ended up working for us was setting the Mail From email to [email protected] (with the mail from name being our organization name). Then, we set the reply-to email address as our organizational email address.

            We couldn't figure out how to set both the mail from and reply to email address as our organizational email address, but this set up works for us.