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Credit Card Fee Opportunity SKU Issue

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  • Credit Card Fee Opportunity SKU Issue


    I noticed something odd, and after looking into it, I am hoping you can help. We have had the option for donors to donate the credit card fees for a while and we like that it splits the donation into 2 opportunities.

    I set the SKU mapping up and we have not changed how we do things, but now, for some reason, when a donor donates to a specific fund, the fee opportunity SKU is a combination of 2 SKU's and therefore, Salesforce cannot assign a Campaign or Funds to the opportunity.

    I did see that the CC Fee donation SKU in CONNECT was DON-CCFEE and the SKU in CandP in Salesforce was DON-CCFEEDON. I made them be the same, but it seems to not have worked. And it had been working just fine since we added the option and SKU's were not an issue. Thanks!

    ORG ID: 00D610000008aBr
    Access has been granted

    Link to opportunity with issue: https://campbelknap.lightning.force....0aR3BzQAK/view (also screenshot attached)
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    Good day @krj1903

    Please note that the SKU's you have defined in Connect Campaign for Custom Question is Suffix which means it will append the SKU with the Item SKU(Additional Fee SKU) that is the reason you are seeing those two SKU combined.

    Additional Fee SKU

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Additional Fee SKU.jpg
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    Custom Question SKU Suffix

    Click image for larger version

Name:	CQ SKU.jpg
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    Additional Fee SKU + Custom Question SKU Suffix i.e "DON-CCFEEDON-Leaders"

    You may set the SKU mapping accordingly.
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      I guess I don't understand why this has started happening, even with your explanation. This has been set up for months like this, but we only started seeing this SKU issue recently. I could use a little more direction, please. If I remove the custom question SKU suffix, wont those opportunities come through without the primary fund already assigned since that is set up in the C&P options within salesforce? And if I remove the fee SKU, the same will happen.

      Thank you!


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        Sorry, I get it now. Sorry for the misunderstanding! I just have to map that new SKU in Salesforce.