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Spring '22 Updates

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  • Spring '22 Updates

    I'm going through and validating the Salesforce release updates that will be enforced in Spring '22. Does Click and Pledge have any concerns or problems with any of the updates? The ones I think might affect you are Enable Visualforce Expression Language Apex Method Access Modifier Enforcement, Enforce CORS Allowlist for Lightning Apps, and Retain Guest Users’ Access to Products, but if you know of other problems, let me know.

    I did also see on the forum that C&P was having issues with the update for new ICU Locale formats, which was going to be enforced in Spring '22. But, I'm now seeing that the update has been moved to Spring '23, so hopefully that gives you more time to get updated with that.


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    Good day @kwclick5

    We are working on ICU local and will be compatible before it enforces the feature. Regarding the CORS, our developers were able to test this update and have found no issues with the C&P app functionality.
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      Okay, great, thanks! Were you able to test Enable Visualforce Expression Language Apex Method Access Modifier Enforcement and Retain Guest Users’ Access to Products as well?
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        Commenting because I would like to know the answer as well.