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Issue processing temp contact caused by incompatible state value

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  • Issue processing temp contact caused by incompatible state value

    Hello! This is for Salesforce org ID 00D5Y000002UY2V, C&P Account 61315, order # 61315-2111300536437711508 and here is the issue: in this order, the person selected UK and then the state of 'Hackney'. However, we have Salesforce's State and Country/Territory Picklists enabled, and in Salesforce's configuration, there are NO states for for the UK at all. This means that now I am unable to process the temp contact for this order because it can't create a record with Hackney as the state. So I need your help with two things:

    1. Can you help me with processing this temp contact?
    2. Can you provide guidance on what I need to do to prevent this problem happening again? FYI the organization has way more offline transactions / data entry directly into Salesforce so it's critical that we have picklists enabled in Salesforce. If I have to give up on state picklists on C&P forms because they are incompatible, I will have to do that as well although in an ideal world I'd like to have both and just have them synced...

    Thanks so much,


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    Good day @Louise Kelly

    We have fixed it by adding the state Hackney into the State and Country/Territory Picklists of the UK. We have processed the temp contact in the question: https://internationalseniorlawyerspr...Y000005F6sQQAS

    Please check and let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
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