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Total Charge Amount is Different than Donation Amount

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  • Total Charge Amount is Different than Donation Amount

    Hi, we receive several inquiries from donors where they made a donation for $215 but was charged for $223.43. She did not choose the option to cover the additional fee. I do see this there's a convenience fee for $8.43. But usually when our donors do choose to cover the additional fee, it would show up under Custom Questions like this
    Related Custom Question(s)
    Honor Gift Type Select
    Processing Fee 4.13
    Donation Amount 100
    Not under the Convenience Fee. Here are examples of where there's a discrepancy. Please let us know ASAP what happened and how to fix this as we need to let our donors know. And the extend of this issue. How many donors were affected.

    36448-2109181913044398435 36448-2109162232251778467

    Thank you

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    Hi mjokiman ,

    So, when we look at 36448-2109182021256422508, the referring URL is "".

    When I go to this page, I'm redirected to "", and here is the checkbox for donors to opt to pay the fee:


    Note that the checkbox's Name is "FieldValueFee", and the id="fee".

    This is not the way our custom questions are passed. FaaS forms pass custom questions with:
    • input name="FieldName1" value= value for the "question"
    • input name="FieldValue1" value= value for the "answer"
    If we go further down the code, we find where that information is being passed:


    You can see that the input is showing as "hidden" - the donor does not see this on the page.
    So there is custom code written by your consultant that is sets the value for "Processing Fee", probably based on the checkbox.

    But this is just text as a custom question, it's not actually setting any kind of fee.

    Here is the transaction data (36448-2109182021256422508) sent for the "custom question".
    <FieldName>Processing Fee</FieldName>

    And the values sent for the actual charge (the numbers are submitted without the decimal):
    It's this last bit that is adding the fee. "TransactionConvenienceFee" is not a standard FaaS form field, this is a field that is part of our API. It is generated by custom code and submitted with the form.

    Your consultant created the custom code that would take the answer from the Custom Question of "Processing Fee" and turn it into the value submitted as TransactionConvenienceFee.
    In this case, it appears that the code did not calculate properly.

    We can't support that code.


    We have no way to create a report in our system that will identify which transactions this affected; however, because this is a custom question - you do.

    You can create a report with a report type of "C&P Custom Questions with C&P Transaction".
    Click image for larger version  Name:	2021-09-23_mjokiman 03.jpg Views:	0 Size:	61.2 KB ID:	61316

    Then add fields to make it easy to see which transactions may be an issue:
    Click image for larger version  Name:	2021-09-23_mjokiman 05.jpg Views:	0 Size:	109.9 KB ID:	61317

    And add filters:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	2021-09-23_mjokiman 04.jpg Views:	0 Size:	98.9 KB ID:	61318

    You may want to set your date range, and you may want to change it to "Transaction Date" rather than "Created Date".

    Now your report will show the amount charged as a Convenience Fee, as well as showing how the patron answered the "Processing Fee" custom question.
    You could even group by the Answer field to get a count.

    Hope that helps.
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