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Credit Card Updater Reversing Card Updates?

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  • Credit Card Updater Reversing Card Updates?

    We have a Recurring Donor who set up a new monthly gift, updating their Credit Card's Expiration Date with Order Number: 20588-2106202129436568528 From 06/21 to 06/25

    The next month when Order number: 20588-210720090646085 processed, it reverted the Expiration Date back to 6/21 and then on 7/20/2021 the recurring gift declined. In Connect I can only see the 6/21 expiration date, but in Salesforce you can see clearly on the transaction records that the expiration date changed backwards between transactions.

    This is not he first time this has happened, but I thought it was just a random thing in the best, but now it seems like there may be a slight pattern developing as it's happened multiple times now. We can call the donor to have him update his gift AGAIN, but wanted to see if you could help with this situation and help us figure out the cause first. Thanks!

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    When they created this Recurring on 6/20, they entered the expiration date on the form as 06/2021- so that payment went through because the card had not expired yet. By 7/20/2021, it had expired.

    Perhaps they used some sort of auto-population through their browser like Google Pay, and they had not updated the card in their Google account yet. You can see that the CC expiration was recorded as 06/2021 by going to the Transaction Detail for the 6/20 transaction in CONNECT.

    Due to PCI compliance, you don't have access to the credit card number, and you would need to enter that again to update the card with the new expiration date. I recommend that you contact the patron to request the card number again, and update the card on the recurring donation. You can do this by going to the recurring record - in CONNECT, any of the related payments have a "Manage Recurring" button.

    Once you have updated the card, be sure to run the payment for 7/20, and 8/20 so that your recurring gets "back in sync". If you go to the Recurring Detail, the related payments will have options to "Try Again". Run the 07/20 payment first, and then the 08/20 payment.

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