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Importing without CVVs using the File Batch Upload

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    We do not discuss how we determine fraud in public forums. I will send you an email to respond.

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  • Importing without CVVs using the File Batch Upload

    Our source data to be used with your File Batch Upload feature does not have CVV numbers. I understand this is an optional column, but we'd like to predict the potential issues that might arise when we don't have this number.

    Without a CVV are extra fraud protection steps taken? For example, is address scrutinized more if the spreadsheet is missing a CVV? If an address in the spreadsheet is different than what is listed for the credit card, will it be rejected without a CVV?

    What other pieces of data become more important when there is no CVV?

    Thanks for any insight. We are going to be importing hundreds of rows and are unsure of the impact without the CVV.