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ProPay report not matching actual donations

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    Ok. I understand. Thanks!

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  • CnP.LiveSupport.AB
    Hi [email protected] ,

    Donations will not show up in the report until you've processed Temporary Contacts. You have 2 unprocessed Temporary Contacts for July transactions, and 16 unprocessed Temporary Contacts for June transactions.

    The app doesn't create the transaction records in Salesforce until they've been associated to a Contact- so you have to make sure you process your Temporary Contacts for the report to be accurate.

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  • ProPay report not matching actual donations

    The ProPay report coming from Salesforce (ProPay Deposit -Current Month) is not matching our actual donations. It didn't match previous month either. I was able to find them in Connect reports, but maybe you can fix the SF report. I have given you access and our company is JoyRide Center, org ID - 00DA0000000Zunn
    Thank you.