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CC charged, Contact created but Transaction not posted in SF

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  • CC charged, Contact created but Transaction not posted in SF

    Using CnP PaaS 4.17 with Salesforce w/NPSP using the one2one account model...

    Client reports the following issue:

    I entered a payment (using CnP check out page) with a new name (not previously existing in SF) and email*. A new contact record was created in SF, but there is no transaction record created. The payment was charged to the credit card, and shows up in the report in CnP**, but does not exist in SF.

    *same email as another contact that already exists in Salesforce; we are running out of "real" emails to use for testing
    ** I can send you a copy of this, but can't attach to this post.

    Ideas? Please let me know why this might be happening and how we can be sure that transactions correctly post in SF.


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    We just released version 4.18 to address the issue you explained which is an interaction issue between our app and the Nonprofit Starter Pack which you have installed. The issue also is responsible for the AccountID reference to Contact which is created when the same email is used with different names.

    Please test it and let us know if it resolves the issue. Your account has already been upgraded to 4.18 per our telephone conversation.
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