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Updating credit card information for recurring donations

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  • CnP.LiveSupport.AB
    Hi snesson ,

    We are working in this direction, but our current priority is to introduce shopping cart functionality, which includes features for the patron 'logging into their customer account' to review their 'order history' from a store built in Salesforce.

    I hope you understand why it makes sense to develop this first, and then to continue adding features like 'changing a payment method on a subscription order' later.

    Regards, Amanda
    C&P Customer Advocate

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  • Updating credit card information for recurring donations

    My client does a lot of recurring donations. They use Wordpress/Gravity Forms on the website, and PaaS. In Salesforce, they use the C&P Recurrings object. When a credit card expires, my client contacts the patron and enters updated cc information manually in Salesforce (or perhaps in Connect, I'm not actually sure). They'd like to give the patron a way to update their own credit card. Does C&P provide a way to expose this functionality to the patron? What do other C&P customers typically do in this scenario? Is there a way to expose the credit card update functionality on the website and send it to C&P to update the recurring?