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Transactions with fee paid creating multiple opportunities

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  • CnP.LiveSupport.AB
    katy h ,

    Yes, there would still be 2 Opportunities, but there should be a simple way to separate which Opportunities are sent acknowledgements and which aren't.
    How are you sending the acknowledgements? Are you using NPSP's feature - where there's a button on the Opportunity to push? Are you using Conga Composer or Apsona to send your acknowledgements?

    Our autoresponder can accommodate almost any differentiation; however, it all depends on how your Salesforce instance has been designed to record prganization donations vs Individual donations, and then how you are using our forms to collect organization donations vs individual donations..

    As you may have discovered, Salesforce is amazing because you can design it to work any way you want, but it is also a curse, because you have to understand a lot about how it works and plan a lot about how you want to do things.

    Typically this is something you would work with your consultant to set up. Here's some options:
    • If you are still working with a consultant, you can ask them to work with us about what option might work best.
    • You could work with our Premier Support to get this done for you.
    • You could join Live Support, show me how you're sending out your acknowledgements, and how you're collecting Organization donations - and I can discuss different options you might have.

    ~ Amanda
    C&P Live Support

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  • katy h
    Thank you for this information. If I create a formula field to pull Total Charged, won't I will still end up with 2 transactions for the same donation? If so, I would still have to manually select which 1 of those 2 should receive an acknowledgment. My org requires that we acknowledge donations from individuals differently than how we acknowledge donations from corporations and other organizations, so I'm not sure sending acknowledgments through autoresponder would be able to identify those differences.

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  • CnP.LiveSupport.AB
    Hi katy h,

    You can easily create a formula field on the Opportunity to pull the C&P Transaction Total Charged field to the Opportunity, and use that custom field as your merge field when you send your acknowledgement. You can use SKUs to create separate record types to differentiate which Opportunities send acknowledgements, or you could use C&P Autoresponders to send the acknowledgements, save activity history, and use SKUs again to mark the Opportunities as acknowledged.

    You are not the only one that experiences the issue; however, it's an issue inherent to storing data. C&P records 'transaction-as-a-whole' data as a C&P transaction record that is a parent to the Opportunities for the line items. This works great in the nonprofit world for coding different line items with separate codes for bookkeeping, and works great for assigning multiple line items to different campaigns.

    A lot of users struggle with understanding the importance of separate objects for transactions and line items, or can't adjust to expecting the Opportunity to represent the whole transaction. Users also struggle with storing address information on a Household account, when they want to look up the address on the Contact record. It's the same issue - multiple people live in the same household, so if you store the address on the Contact, you have to duplicate that data to all the other members, and if the family moves - there's multiple Contact records that have to be updated.

    The key is understanding how flexible Salesforce is, and structuring it to work best for your organization. We do recommend that you enter all of your transactions through Virtual Terminal. This way if your organization gets checks in the mail - there's still a record of the whole transaction, and separate opportunities are created for those pesky cases where donors write one check to pay for both a t-shirt and to make a donation. The trouble comes when you've got a mixed bag - where some transactions are coming through your online forms, and others are manually entered as Opportunities only.

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  • Transactions with fee paid creating multiple opportunities

    We are just in the process of transitioning to Click and Pledge as our primary donation platform. I'm seeing that when donors opt to cover the credit card fees, 2 opportunities are being create - one for the actual donation amount ($1000) and one for the fee amount ($37.87). I was told this is due to tax issues, but the entire amount is tax deductible, so we want to recognize the total contribution as one donation. We currently email donation acknowledgments directly from Salesforce, so we need these amounts to show up as a single opportunity. Running a report is an extra step that will not work with our acknowledgment process. Manually changing every donation to include the fee is also not a viable option. Is there a way to change how the fee is recorded so that it's one opportunity for the total amount? Please help, this seems like a deal breaker of an issue and I can't imagine we're the only ones who would have a problem with this.