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Recurring Donations not Generating Opportunities

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  • Recurring Donations not Generating Opportunities


    Our recurring donations are not generating opportunities in Salesforce. I made a post last month and was asked to provided order numbers. Opportunities were created for last month's donations, but our org has run into the same issue again with this month's donations. We received an email with the following "System Response" note...

    "Update failed. First exception on row 0; first error: MISSING_ARGUMENT, Id not specified in an update call: []--null--210--(CnP_PaaS)--System.DmlException"

    The order numbers are:

    One week temporary access has been granted.
    Our ID is 00D41000000erCX.

    Thank you.
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    Hi sobrien ,

    I was unable to find anything wrong with the transactions. I re-processed them from the C&P Data record, and the Opportunities created without error.

    In these situations, it can be handy to become familiar with the process of "Re-processing a Transaction" in Salesforce. Sometimes there's other automations running when a transaction arrives, and one operation blocks the other.

    In addition to our article on "Reprocessing a Transaction", you may find the "How Data Posts to Salesforce" article helpful as well.

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      Thank you, this information was helpful.