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How to increase the code coverage?

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  • CnP.Support
    Good day!

    Our test coverage satisfies the requirements of Salesforce. We are adding more coverage as part of any update. Salesforce requirement is 75% and we have 80% coverage.

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  • pranavlal
    started a topic How to increase the code coverage?

    How to increase the code coverage?

    We recently installed the Click and Pledge version 4.11.

    Prior to installing Click and Pledge with just the basic Non-profit started pack our code coverage was 97 %.

    However, after installing the non-profit starter pack, our code coverage came down to 82%.

    Can you please tell us how this code coverage can be improved as we would be making customizations in the future and would like to have a good code coverage to maintain.

    Please let us know if we need to provide any logs for the same.

    Best regards,