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Can't Update Custom Question Mapping

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  • Can't Update Custom Question Mapping

    I'm trying to update a custom question mapping in C&P Settings (Custom Mapping -> Custom Question Map sub-tab), but for some reason it’s not accepting my update. My goal is to change the Question on an existing mapping to match what’s coming into Salesforce in the CnP Data. I tried editing an existing mapping, and I tried adding a new one. I don't get an error, but neither does the Mapping get updated or added. It's the last mapping in the set - Object Opportunity, Field: In honor of / in memoriam, which is a text field.

    Org ID is: 00Do0000000agMP
    I have granted login access


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    Aha - I think I have figured it out. My userid had PS-CnP-PaaS-Connected-User-ONLY permission. I just added PS-CnP-PaaS-All-Permissionsand now I can update the Custom Question Mapping.
    I'm not sure why my user (SysAdmin profile) had Connected-User-ONLY permissions. Can you please clarify the use of Connected-User-ONLY. Is the following correct?:
    • Connected-User-ONLY should be assigned only to the userid that is used for the connection between C&P Connect and Salesforce.
    • All other users who work with C&P settings in Salesforce should have PS-CnP-PaaS-All-Permissions

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      Good day @snesson

      Yes, that is correct.
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