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C&P and Salesforce's Enhanced Recurring Giving

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  • CnP.LiveSupport.AB

    No, we do not yet integrate with either NPSP's original version of Recurring Donations or the Enhanced version.

    The primary obstacle is that there is no way to know WHICH recurring gift a payment relates to - from an automation standpoint, the payment form really needs to be able to pass along the ID of the open Opportunity to be closed.

    An additional obstacle are the donors themselves - while you might be able to provide a custom payment form to your donor that would specify the specific recurring donation for their payment - this would not work all the time. It might only work 80% of the time. Instead, donors would make a payment through your standard donation forms and just add a comment or send an email that they want the payment to be applied in that way. Or they would use their CUSTOM recurring payment form to give money to your nonprofit for some other purpose - and again expect you to define the gift as an afterthought.

    We are aware that our customers are asking for this functionality, but hope you appreciate the challenges involved in making that happen.

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  • C&P and Salesforce's Enhanced Recurring Giving

    Does C&P integrate with Salesforce's Enhanced Recurring Giving feature? If someone makes a recurring gift via click & pledge, will this mark an outstanding recurring pledge/installment as complete in Salesforce?