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(Recurring?) Transactions not causing Opportunities as of 3/9/2021

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  • (Recurring?) Transactions not causing Opportunities as of 3/9/2021

    Our instance isn't processing (recurring?) C&P Transactions into Opportunities. The contact seems to be fine. It began end of day 3/8 after the upgrade flurry. We were upgraded 3/8 late in the day. 5 recurring donations have the problem. We don't know if non-recurring ones will also have the problem.

    We made two changes to possibly address the problem, based on other support requests here in this forum:
    * We assigned the tempcontact related permission set to our system administrators
    * We noted reference to several C&P fields on the opportunity which might be necessary for this. We gave our Sysadmins Read/Write to those fields.

    Please advise if those one of those two changes (or both?) addressed the problem. And how do we have the system create those opportunities for us? (Or are we left needing to manually create them?)


    7 days

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    Good day @jeffhonnold-gp

    It might be due to the permissions on the opportunity fields. However, we have assigned the permissions now. You simply need to reprocess those order numbers from C&P Data which will delete the complete footprint of that order number and re-create it.

    Please check and let us know if you still see the same issue.
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