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Recurring Transaction Issue - Not Our Campaign

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  • Recurring Transaction Issue - Not Our Campaign

    It looks like as part of the recurring transaction issue:, two of our donations were assigned to campaigns that didn't exist in our system and weren't on the form. This means that our receipts got sent with the wrong campaign name.

    I've given access to Salesforce and the two recurring transactions are 603520 and 603644. Our org Id: 00D6g0000023NkX.

    These two transactions are ones that were attached to a new recurring gift because of the data error. However, it appears that the issue is deeper than previously thought because the C&P Data has the transaction campaign as some campaign from apparently another instance. We don't have campaigns named either of those things (20201009_Monthly Donations Reinstated or Friends of Amitabha Stupa) except that it created them now because of this issue).

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    I found a third one - 609948, but that appears to be all.


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      I am having this issue, too and will post a ticket. It happened over the weekend.


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        C&P Org 20588: I am having this issue as well! Just emailed Support with 22 donations I've found so far with transaction campaigns not in our database. I'm also seeing some single gifts that were not meant to be recurring having shown up with subscriptions. In addition, our 50 recurring gifts scheduled for today haven't processed yet.
        Ex: 20588-2103010746296785431 (Shouldn't be recurring).

        All of these have campaigns from other orgs:


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          ALL HERE:

          Once you confirm your current release is 9.2103250011 [Release Date: 3/4/2021], make sure you have re-established your connection from within CONNECT, then you may repost any donations directly from CONNECT to correct these issues. We are planning to push the related transactions for the affected customers that have received the revised upgrade (9.2103250011 [Release Date: 3/4/2021]) early next week

          We are currently working to complete the upgrade for all instances mentioned thus far in this post's feed, so no need to attempt yourself- this will just slow things down.

          To anyone else experiencing the same issue - please request your upgrade in a new post. Details on this issue are maintained in this announcement
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