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"Org didn't migrate to ProPay" email

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  • "Org didn't migrate to ProPay" email

    I am just confirming that the email i got from Click & Pledge <[email protected]> that said that I have to reapply for ProPay and directed me towards an application was NOT SPAM. It just seemed a little sketchy.
    thank you.
    ORG ID 00D41000000Ukuw

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    Also my development director just asked me why this transition is happening during the most important fundraising time of the year.


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      No, it is not spam. If you have questions about the Propay migration please refer to our Propay Migration article.

      Your existing gateway with us, TransFirst, was a bank that merged with another bank called TSYS. As TSYS implemented the merge, they determined that TransFirst accounts should consolidate under their Propay account program, so TransFirst will be completely deprecated in the near future. There was not an option.

      We have been working steadily to make sure our customers were notified of the impending change. This has been done in different groups so that we could ensure our customers had the smoothest experience possible. I'm currently looking into specifically when your organization was notified of the change, because we were mindful of the fact that this is a busy time for nonprofits.

      ~ Amanda Byrne
      C&P Customer Advocate

      Click & Pledge Support Department

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