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Change in CC fee processing

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  • Change in CC fee processing

    Something changed sometime after May of this year, I think. Our donations through our C&P donation and event pages used to show in our bank as the total amt donated, then we got a statement monthly showing the CC fees charged. Now the bank shows the donation amt minus the CC fees - a $20 donation shows as $17.38 , but the transaction page in SF shows the deposit to be $18.80. Then sometimes donations are combined, ending up in totals like $1056.51. It is a nightmare trying to reconcile the bank statement and figure out which amounts are for which donations. Is this a change within C&P or something our bank is doing? If within C&P, is there someway to easily figure out what the fee amt that was taken out of each donation was and how they might be combined?

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    You account was migrated to the Propay gateway when you authorized the migration on 9/26/2020. ProPay does remove the fees prior to depositing them to your bank account, as referenced in the ProPay Migration article.

    You can always assist us in tracking down discrepancies by providing specific order numbers or deposit dates.

    The daily settlement reports are available in CONNECT: Reports, and this is the deposit information downloaded directly from Propay. The information on the transaction detail in Salesforce should match this.

    A 20.00 donation would have a per transaction fee of 0.37, and a 3.75% fee of 0.75 - so that leaves the amount to be deposited as 18.88.
    The difference is obviously the 1.50 deposit fee - thus 17.38.

    I'm not sure what you mean by "the donations are combined". If you have more than one donation in a day, each donation has a 0.37 and 3.75% fee, and then when they are batched for deposit, the 1.50 fee is removed for the deposit fee.

    This is not a new change with C&P, your transactions have been charged this fee structure since your migration.

    If anything, settling a report should be easier with Propay. We now have a preconfigured report included with Salesforce that shows which transactions are in which deposits - so you can get this information directly from Salesforce.

    You can also build a report in Salesforce using the "Opportunities with C&P Order Number" record type, using the fields from the provided Propay Deposit report, so that you can see which Salesforce Campaigns were assigned to items within a transaction. You will just need to understand that becaue the report type includes both transactions and line items - and each row will represent a line item - some of the values per row will be duplicated.

    We are working to add a pre-configured deposit report that will include Opportunities; however, this is tricky because every nonprofit categorizes their accounting differently. Some do it by Campaign, some by record type, some by a custom field, others by GAU allocations. It's also tricky because any report we provide has this issue of having both transaction and line item data. Teaching customers to understand the difference between a line item and a transaction as a whole is a constant struggle.

    You are on the latest version of our Salesforce apps, so I suggest that you review the "ProPay Deposits - Last Month - 200916" report in Salesforce Reports > C&P PaaS Reports folder. This should be more information than you even previously received on your monthly statement.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	PaaS Propay Deposits Last Month.jpg Views:	0 Size:	230.6 KB ID:	56550

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      Thank you so much. You've saved me some real headaches!