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Receipts not sending for transactions that go into temporary contacts

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  • CnP.Support.SW
    [email protected]

    The first two you mention above are older than our current log files, the others were all delivered. I am assuming that they were either sent to junk, quarantined or deleted because you have set the "FROM:" address on your receipt emails with your domain name. Your email server flagged them as "spoof" emails.
    To fix this issue please update your SPF record for to include Click & Pledge domains and IP addresses.
    Please see Item #4 of this help document for instructions.
    This change will improve the discoverability to your customers as well.

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    I didn't think that receipts had anything to do with temporary contact, that is just the only these transactions had in common. Here is a sample of the transactions:


    All of these orders came into temporary contacts and our office manager did not receive the normal connect receipt. Her email address is [email protected]. Thank you for your help.

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  • CnP.Support.AM
    Good day @[email protected]

    Please note that Connect receipts are nothing to do with Salesforce and temp contacts. However, if you please share the order number and the email address not receiving the copy of the receipt we will review it.

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  • Receipts not sending for transactions that go into temporary contacts

    We use Click and Pledge with Salesforce. Recently we have noticed that if a transaction goes into temporary contacts our office manager is not receiving the connect receipt emails she used to. She is still receiving all other receipts as normal and does not receive the receipt even after it is cleared from temporary contacts. I have checked our settings and nothing has changed that would cause this. She has checked her spam folder and there are not going there either. Please advise.