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Differentiating Future Single Date Gifts from Recurring Gifts

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  • Differentiating Future Single Date Gifts from Recurring Gifts

    I understand that future single date gifts use the parent object C&P recurring. It’s unfortunate they use the same object as recurring gifts (i.e. not have a different parent object like C&P Future Date instead of C&P Recurring). But, hopefully that is on the agenda to change sometime in the future (since this is such a new feature).

    However, at this point, we do need to have a way to tell them apart so we can filter them out of recurring rollups.

    I see a field on the C&P Recurring Record that is “Installment Period.” It looks like future date single transactions will have the value “None” there (though that picklist value is inactive) and no recurring gifts would have the value "None". Is that a good field to use to filter these gifts out of recurring rollups and things? Or is there another field that would be good to reference? It seems like just going off of count of transactions to filter out would be wrong for some recurring at the beginning (for their first charge it will look the same as a future date single gift).

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    Sure, Installment Period is a perfect way to filter these for your rollup.
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